Dennis Tallon II


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"Beyond The Sale"

About Dennis Tallon II

Are you ready to buy or sell? I’m here for you.

My name is Dennis Tallon II and I am excited to work with you! Together, we will find your perfect home.

I believe that open communication is important. I will listen to your needs and concerns and create a solid action plan. You will be happy with the timeliness and consistency of my actions in order to fulfill your needs.

As a buyer of several homes and a condo, I’ve learned pertinent points to pay attention to in picking the perfect home; that being, location, size, quality of materials, move-in readiness and of course, price.

I am also a certified inspector of roofs, ventilation, siding, gutters, windows and attic insulation. Having performed over 2,000 inspections, my vast experience will serve you well and save you money.

I offer sound opinions on making your home ready for a quick sale at the highest price. Contact me and let’s get started towards the next step in your home buying or selling journey!

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